Monday, February 1, 2010

Good customer service from KWSP

Today is Federal day, i.e all people who work in Wilayah Persekutuan get holiday! So I take this opportunity to go to EPF to settle my renomination stuff. Although I have just switch my KWSP status to Pencen Scheme, I feel like I need to do that, just in case any confusion on the policy later.
I manage to find my way to KWSP PJ centre. At the turning into the centre, the movement of cars are already slowing down to almost jam. (in my mind "oh no, have I picked a wrong day to come!"). As I am ready 32 weeks pregnant, I choose to park inside. I see the parking rate is comparable to the shopping centre, 50 sen for 1st half an hour, then RM1.50 for subsequent half-hour, then...hope that I get to it done fast. Parking is quite full, but I manage to spot an outgoing car and park at just outside the main door.

I get the form and the number in pink. As I walk to the designated counter, there is a lady calling" number 96, number 97...". I puzzle. Then I hear from the officer that each colour has 100 numbers, the current one is yellow colour group, then blue, then pink...(huh! Not only I have to wait long but also need to pay a good bit of parking fees!). However, as I check with the lady officer, she sees that I am pregnant and ask me to follow her. Apparently the officers will come to the counters to check once in a while so that pregnant ladies or those with small kids get to process the application first. Within half an hour, my application is done!

I am so happy with the KWSP customer service. Despite the place is congested with people, the officers remain patience and smiling, even some of the bank fails to do that. I am glad that I can see such a good service in a government office. Kudos! keep it up!

Note: Also need to mention, as I am about to follow the officer out of the crowded partition, I am tapped at the shoulder. A gentlement is offering me a sit. It is really kind of him, as he is taking the trouble to probably stand for long hours. There are still polite and thoughtful malaysians. :)

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